The client is one of the world’s fastest growing automobile companies. The company has the stability of being Korea’s oldest automaker, combined with strong, consistent growth and a history of innovation. The client’s vehicles continue to win awards making them best in class for quality and safety.

Customer Need

CRM and customer experience analytics were very traditional and focused on non-proprietary life cycle interactions limiting customer’s ability to improve satisfaction and loyalty. Inadequate data quality and inaccurate data mastering were leading to redundant data requests, increased costs, and inability to effectively reach out to customers for surveys and marketing. No complete and actionable view of the customer was another challenge. Information also lacks robust third-party insights.

Solutions Provided

Innova proposed and implemented a custom MDM solution that effectively manages large data volumes, provides a comprehensive customer data repository to allow data integration and creation of actionable insights. The solution:

Provided a 360-degree view of customers and vehicle identification number (VIN) to call center & business users.

 Integrated data spanning vehicle sales, dealer service maintenance, roadside assistance, surveys, Opt Outs, Siebel CRM data, service contracts

 Included consistent data quality rules and data standardization processes to reduce data redundancy and create a single source of truth

 Accelerated decision making and customer experience improvement through more accurate reporting

 Enabled targeted cross-selling and up-selling activities aligned with the customer’s needs resulting in increased productivity and profitability

Benefits / Results

Our solution enabled client to extend master data to front-line business processes and analytical applications

 Client was able to better understand each customer’s PII attributes, and their overall engagements and influence, to create actionable and meaningful customer segments

Improved customer experience at point of engagement

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