ACS Solutions is an Advanced Tier Services partner with AWS

We have over 100 individual AWS certifications, are an approved AWS Managed services provider, and a member of the Public Sector program. We have extensive experience in Cloud Transformation/Migration, Managed Services, Data and Analytics, AI/ML, as well as IoT/Edge. We have experience in many industries including Healthcare, BFSI, Government (US, state, and local), and manufacturing. Our AWS partner profile can be found here.

Modern Managed Services to allow you to stay focused on your business

Agility, Stability, Compliance, and Cost Containment – Managed service management has evolved. From on-premises to SaaS to the public cloud, organizations today need managed services that are modern in design, focusing on automation, declarative configuration, leverage AI/ML, and promote self-service


Accelerate and Optimize your Cloud journey

Cloud services provide the capability to spin up resources on-demand easily and quickly, experiment rapidly, and evolve your products and services with velocity. With power comes challenges, and without a solid foundational architecture, you will have poor design decisions, increased risks, and higher costs. Innova helps companies like yours get to the cloud strategy right, the first time. We work closely with our customers to understand their goals, constraints, and requirements for information security and compliance to ensure an aligned cloud architecture, identity and access management, account hierarchy, tagging, and reporting.

Monitoring modern IT infrastructures faster than the speed of request

Innova’s Modern Monitoring tools help you evaluate and analyze your server for operations-related processes like accessibility, operations, execution, and security.

As your application’s well-being largely depends on the health of your underlying server, it is vital to use great server monitoring tools that ensure your server machine host your applications.


Optimize Your AWS Spend

Your team of dedicated Cloud Analysts uses the leading cloud management platform, CloudHealth, to provide customized recommendations that improve spend efficiency, cost management, and governance.


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