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The client is a real estate listings website operated by the News Corporation subsidiary. and based in Santa Clara, California. The site launched as the Realtor Information Network in 1995, serving as a closed network for members of the National Association of Realtors. With more than 1.3 million listings by 1999, the client had become the largest website for real estate listings, and expanded services to include virtual tours of properties.

Customer Need

The client wanted to consolidate applications related to Ad, CRM, productivity tools, inventory, waitlisting, fulfillment, licensing, lead routing and create private hybrid cloud.

The client also wanted to improve scalability and on-demand provisioning of infrastructure. There was no uniformity in application and databases access, and the maintenance on SOA and licenses were high.

Solutions Provided

Innova consolidated the applications and rewrote them as microservices to reduce hosting costs and provide a stronger digital foundation.

  • Merged the APIs by deploying them as RESTful services in API GW​
  • Offloaded SOA by refactoring the transformation logic as serverless API proxy services
  • Provided streaming, routing, monitoring, metrics collection by providing services interaction through Kafka

Benefits / Results

  • Retired 20 applications. Consolidated 14 applications
  • Reduced operational costs and saving licenses on SOA frameworks
  • Assured API security and scalability

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