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Conventional systems that delivered great business value at one point in time have now become outdated legacy applications. Cover-up strategies with the aim of achieving short-term business benefits have created inconsistencies. This drastically restricts your capability to scale or extend the functionality of current systems.

System modernization is the tactical step that most enterprises are shifting towards. Enterprises have different application modernization needs. They range from getting a quick facelift to their existing applications to changing their system architecture, for easier maintenance and scaling.

At Innova, we help enterprises modernize applications with our modernization process, which decides the services to be leveraged from our portfolio of services. These services can quickly turn around non-performing systems by migrating them to modern and sustainable solutions. Partner with us to bring in a systemic change in your application architecture and delivery to drive new efficiencies and endure without losing steam – all this without any disruption to your current business operations.

Legacy Technologies

Processes and Methodologies

Tools for Migration

Modern Technologies

Legacy applications provide key enterprise functions within the enterprise application landscape but sustain huge maintenance and operating costs. Legacy systems pose several challenges, including risks related to running on potentially unsupported hardware and software, stubborn and fastened architectures hindering web and cloud enablement, integration with modern platforms, a rare talent pool, and higher SLA time for clients due to non-tangible architecture options.

Innova’s Application Modernization Services help organizations transform age-old applications to newer technologies and architecture to bring better business value. By leveraging the latest technology stack, reference architectures, and patterns, we help organizations move individual legacy applications or entire legacy application portfolio to modern platforms that deliver rich functionality and flexibility. We implement a strategic approach to mitigate project and operational risks with our legacy modernization services.

Modernization Services

Portfolio Assessment and Planning Application


Application Re-engineering

Application Migration & Re-hosting

Data Migration

Application Integration

Business Benefits

  • Increase application flexibility and reduce the business risk of application failure
  • Assure business continuity
  • Reduce IT maintenance cost
  • Maintain critical business workflow from legacy applications
  • Web, mobile, or cloud-enablement of legacy applications
  • Improve Return on Investment (ROI)


When crafting the modernization strategy and engagement pattern for a client, Innova works to understand the client’s current situation and their short-term and long-term goals. Innova’s modernization process encapsulates the discovery phase. The focus is on the strategic roadmap for the next five years and the objectives, financial impact of that roadmap, and change management to enterprise culture enforced by the modernization of business or applications.

Innova then analyzes the client’s existing IT environment and recommends a customized roadmap that leverages digital technology to help the client achieve their specified objectives. This analysis is performed leveraging iDSp (Innova’s Data Science platform), automation frameworks, reference architectures, automated testing frameworks, industry partnerships, legacy to modern code migration strategies, serverless architecture enablers, and so forth.

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