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Manage your business, not your SaaS

The average enterprise uses over 200 SaaS applications, and this explosive growth has driven demand for platforms to manage identity and authorization, operations, migration, and cost containment. But effectively managing and securing your SaaS stack takes more than just a platform. It also needs specialized processes and experts who can leverage the platform for centralized, automated operations.

Your employee experience is everything, and with SaaS environments growing in complexity, it’s taking more effort than ever to manage, further straining already overburdened IT resources.

We address what you need to ensure proper onboarding and offboarding, access management, and spend management.


We also help ensure your data protection, identify and access, and regulatory compliance needs are consistently being met.

Innova Solutions helps companies like yours get SaaS under control, simplify management, and keep your costs optimized. Our services help ensure that your portfolio of SaaS apps, both sanctioned and shadow are identified and tracked, from the users to the subscription detail to the configuration.


Starting with the discovery of your SaaS portfolio, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of SaaS subscriptions, related costs, user allocation, and actual use. Then, we marry with a discovery of the unsanctioned or ‘shadow’ apps. With the complete view of the SaaS landscape, we can then identify opportunities for application rationalization, license or entitlement optimization, SSO onboarding, as well as compliance and regulatory requirement gaps. With this information, we can then create a prioritized road map to help get you optimized, improve your employee experience, and save you money.

And we don’t stop there. On a day-to-day basis, we are working to ensure your employees are on-boarded and off-boarded properly, and the new SaaS is well integrated into your SSO and workflows. We are also working to ensure your users and data are secure, your renewals are being managed, and opportunities for cost savings are capitalized on. With Innova providing your SaaS Ops, you can ensure the agility and productivity gains of SaaS adoption with the evolving needs of your business.

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