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Edge Computing & IoT

Edge Computing & IoT

May 17, 2021

by Innova Solutions



AWS IoT Greengrass v1 vs v2

AWS IoT Greengrass aims to ease the task of setting up and managing Internet of Things (IoT) systems. However, there are key differences between versions 1 and 2 of this IoT open source edge runtime and cloud service. In version 1 AWS core software is a single package, and in version 2 it is modular. Version 2 introduces new fundamental concepts for devices, fleet, and deployable software and adds new developer capabilities. Learn more as you watch this excerpt.


Building the Edge | Webinar | Part 2

Edge computing has the power to generate significant competitive advantages for its early adopters. Utilizing compute resources closer to IoT devices, edge computing will reduce network latency and costs, thereby enabling many more data collection points.We can help you scale as you increase the number and types of IoT devices in your environments to improve your deployment and management capabilities.

Getting Started with AWS – Wavelength Zones

AWS Wavelength is an infrastructure offering optimized for mobile edge computing applications. It delivers ultra-low latency applications for 5G devices. AWS Wavelength enables users to take full advantage of the latency and bandwidth benefits offered by modern 5G networks.Tune in to our video to understand how to leverage the benefits of AWS Wavelength for your business.

Building the Edge | Webinar | Part 1

Whether you are an existing IoT user or exploring how IoT and edge computing can help transform your business, determining the best-suited approach to business maturity level is crucial for an effective and accelerated implementation. Innova Solutions will work with you to assess all the factors and determine the best architecture for your business.


Increasing production efficiency with IoT in manufacturing

Edge AI: The Era of Distributed AI Computing

Rapid development in edge computing, along with Artificial Intelligence and IoT is helping organizations to develop smart/intelligent connected network of edge devices called Edge AI or Edge AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) or Intelligent Internet of Things. Read more in this interesting blog.

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Increasing production efficiency with IoT in manufacturing

A Study on Computer Vision Algorithms

Every year, either new algorithms or updates to existing ones are published. Also, each field – healthcare, aviation, autonomous vehicles, drones, industrial machinery, etc. are suited to different algorithms. Read on to learn more about the development of various models and frameworks in improving the real-world challenges in object detection.

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