The client is one of the US Eastern region’s leading providers of health care coverage, providing the public and private marketplace with a higherquality, lower-cost alternative to commercial insurance companies. The network covers over 200 specialty and rehabilitation hospitals, as well as over 31,000 physicians and other ancillary providers across New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for servicing over 900,000 members.

In 2012, the client embarked on redesigning some of the IT infrastructure services to improve operational process, reduce cost and roll-out products in a quick time-frame. Like many companies, the client was facing a number of challenges, including: datacenter capacity constraints, efficient use of Infrastructure resources, unmanaged development environments, backup & restore policies that were not organized or implemented based on best practices and the need to life-cycle equipment efficiently.

The client worked with Innova to define a holistic solution that would accelerate IT Deployments, condense resources and implement best-practices and policies for infrastructure management and efficient use of resources by leveraging infrastructure virtualization technology.


  • VMware vSphere ESX
  • HP Cloud System Matrix
  • HP Data Protector
  • HP Asset Manager
  • HP Ops Orchestration
  • Microsoft SCCM 2012
  • HP Openview / BTO


  • HP DL 360 Servers
  • HP C7000 Blade Chassis
  • HP BL460 / 490 Blades
  • HP 3par Tiered Storage
  • 3Com Super Stack Fiber Switches
  • Cisco ASA 5520
  • HP Storage Works
  • Fortinet F5 Loadbalancer


The clients suite of consumer products and the nature of the applications require a huge-development, testing and production environments, however, the existed infrastructure was limiting the ability to grow and share and as a result server deployments for product development and testing take several months and impacted the roll-out of new business applications.

The products were developed and tested on legacy systems which meant the output wasn’t stable or reliable . Moreover, the legacy systems have a cost and was not able to meet the expanding business needs.

The production environment did not provide the performance and growth needed for the business and resulted on frequent failures and business losses.

The operational functions of the IT Admins were over loaded, due to the repetitive Problems and nondefined standard process for problem resolution, documentation & training. As many companies, the client aims at reducing their IT Infrastructure and Operational Costs while delivering best-in class service to customers.

Technology Partner

The client turned to Innova for the deep industry experience and past relationship to address these business challenges. Innova provided different solutions to the client and finally zeroed on a private cloud infrastructure due to the nature of the business and legal requirements.

The solution will not only provide a new IT infrastructure, but also new process, new standards, new policies and overall a productive and efficient use of resources and workforce.

Hewlett Packard (HP) partnered with Innova for this engagement and the client being an HP shop, HP was the ideal choice for the Hardware and the cloud Platform.

Solution Overview

Innova completed the implementation in four phases and the overall solution was designed to reduce interruption to the current production environment and business operations.

Consulting & Assessment

Innova’s SMEs, Program Managers and Solution architects performed an Assessment of the current infrastructure, including the existing Hardware, applications, compatibility, performance analysis of every component, operations process, backup policies and other. This analysis provided us the information we needed including the Capex and Opex of the IT for the business to design a comprehensive and cost effective solution.

The analysis data and the solutions were discussed with the client, before proceeding with the partnerships and procurement. Solution Overview


Innova & client together created a partnership with HP for this engagement. Since, the client were an HP Shop, it was easy to extend the support needed.

Innova built a holistic private cloud solution with automated deployment of the compute environment and application with HP Cloud System Matrix & HP Ops Orchestration platform.

The infrastructure will be highly available with the VMware being the Virtualization Platform. The storage and network were designed to be redundant as well with no single point of failures.

Implemented a new backup infrastructure with HP backup solution and defined best-practice and policies for backup & recovery.

With the new Infrastructure inplace, all new deployments were initiated on the new platform

Migration & fine-tuning

For this phase, Innova introduced the off-shore team to provide assistance with the migration of the existing infrastructure, applications and services to the newly built cloud platform along with the on-site team.

The teams were managed by highly-skilled and trained Leaders of Innova.

Operations & Management

Finally, With a combination of Onsite & off-shore team, Innova managed the infrastructure and trained the client teams to support based on ITIL Standards and process. Innova introduced additional support functions including, automated distribution of software for end users and application catalog with MS SCCM 2012.

Solution Highlights

A Private cloud Platform with fully automated deployment of compute infrastructure and flexible solution to grow as needed.

Application & compute infrastructure request Management for customers, developers and partners.

State of the Art Infrastructure with high-level of Virtualization and High-Availability within storage, network and server infrastructure.

Defined ITIL Standards and Process for Incident Management, problem resolution, Knowledge Management and Server Provisioning.

Reporting & Business View templates for ROI Analysis. The client turned to Innova for the deep industry experience and past

Value Addition

Through working with Innova on this initiative, the client is able to deliver faster and cost-effective IT services for consumers and partners.

The new capability has helped the customer with significant cost savings, including infrastructure investment and operational cost by 55%.

Based on the analysis, the break-even point on the ROI for this initiative will be 3 years. However, the time -span could change based on the business growth.

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