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Do you know if the data stored in your SaaS application is compromised?
How would you know?
How is it exposed to the Internet?
Who can expose corporate data stored in SaaS services?

Those are questions IT administrators now need to ask themselves as they push data outside the traditional data center’s firewall guarded perimeter.

With employees interacting with a myriad of settings and thousands of files across numerous SaaS applications, administrators can’t keep track of these services outside of their infrastructure control using traditional methods. This complexity leads to extended periods between intrusion and detection. The longer it takes to discover the intrusion, the more significant the impact on the organization. If that compromise occurs on several SaaS applications, it can take IT hours, days, or even weeks to remediate across these disparate SaaS providers.

With the amount of data created in the digital workplace, visibility is essential. Being able to observe change across SaaS applications is difficult because each provider has a different API. The traditional tools that we protect data in Public Cloud and Datacenter are not designed for SaaS applications. SaaS requires a new mindset and tools for IT administrators.

Over the years, IT organizations have evolved practices to deal with change in service delivery. In the last decade, DevOps has been the guiding force for many IT organizations to deliver services. Software-as-a-Service Operations (SaaSOps) is the next step in IT organizational evolution as data moves from the Public Cloud to SaaS providers.

SaaSOps, like DevOps, is a tool-driven practice to enhance velocity, visibility, and security of service delivery. Our SaaSOps toolset must be able to communicate and provide commonality between the different SaaS providers. It needs to be the hub connecting the spokes of our SaaS applications to manage access and authorization. It requires monitoring capabilities to notify IT when there’s a potential incident across those SaaS applications and provide automated remediation.

With thousands of interactions between employees and SaaS services, not understanding what a security issue is and what is not can lead to alerts that are not actionable, overwhelming and desensitizing IT to threats in the Cloud. A SaaSOps platform needs to categorize the severity of events and a workflow engine to take action when severity thresholds are met.


When we leverage a platform that normalizes the interaction with the various security controls, we can remediate incidents rapidly across different SaaS providers and ensure that audit logs of remediation actions are stored in a central repository.

When we have that SaaSOps management platform, we can do more than just maintain a log of all actions taken to remediate the SaaS service incidents. We can leverage and integrate with existing Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solutions to plug into larger incidence response workflows. The integration allows an organization to look at a much larger picture for security remediation, such as auditing a user’s workstation, wiping a smartphone of corporate data, and revoking access to on-premise and Public Cloud applications.

To accelerate incident response in SaaS applications, Innova Solutions has partnered with BetterCloud to be that hub in the middle of SaaS applications. Using BetterCloud’s centralized logging, super admin audits, file share monitoring, and user lifecycle management engines, Innova Solutions protects sensitive data in SaaS solutions leveraging the automation platform for near real-time remediation of security events. Our managed services are delivered to ensure application incident response in the Datacenter, Public Cloud, and now in SaaS solutions.

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