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Liquidity and Cross Border Payments

Learn to make cross-border payments with local payment methods, from Prakash Parmar, Payments Team


Zerologon Vulnerability

Learn how to patch, mitigate, and monitor this exploit from Robert M. Toups, Jr. Cloud Services, article on ‘Zerologon Vulnerability’


One Simple Trick, Really!

Learn to eliminate the concern of predictable password patterns of your employees from Robert M. Toups, Jr. Cloud Services, article ‘One simple trick, Really


Impact of IoMT in the Healthcare Industry

In this futuristic article our expert from healthcare services team, Saikumar Nallan, talks about how creating a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry.


Data Migration starts (and ends) with a right ETL tool

Read Yogesh Sooria Moorthy’s writeup about ETL and get to know about its challenges and benefits. We bet its worth your time!


Benefits of Digitalizing

Learn how digital technologies are revolutionizing healthcare from
Vijay Raja Sagi’s interesting


Managing Document Compliance over Different Cloud Storage Providers

Learn how to manage document compliance over different cloud storage providers from this interesting article written by Robert M. Toups, Jr


SaaS Incident Response

Do you know if the data stored in your SaaS application is compromised?

Learn much more from Robert M.Toups, Jr article ‘ SaaS Incident Response’

Cloud and Workplace

User Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Can ULM administrators maintain the same control in the Cloud as they do in the Datacenter without chasing SaaS APIs? Learn much more from Robert M.Toups, Jr article ‘ User Lifecycle Management’


Where Do Administrators Live?

There are many ways a non-privileged user can abuse or misuse their access and gain more control up to Domain Administrator. Learn much more from Robert M.Toups, Jr article ‘ Where do Administrators Live’


Automate the management of your SaaS

(SaaS) solutions enable simpler and consistent management, automated workflows, and improved information security. Learn much more from Jalal Khan’s article on SaaS applications.


Data-driven Healthcare

As we enter the new phase of life post-Pandemic, we are moving up to a “holistic healthcare.” Learn from our healthcare expert Subba Reddy, how data analysis can improve personalization of healthcare.

Healthcare Tedchnology Provider

Future of Healthcare

Foundation of the Healthcare Ecosystem in Today’s Era: Expectations of Healthcare Users. Learn how blockchain is changing the healthcare from Yogesh Suryamoorthy.


A defining phase for US Healthcare

New era opened with CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final rule. Know more about this from Subbareddy Appala’s White paper.


Preventing Un-Availability Zones

Innova’s recommendations on setting up your AWS architecture, so your resources are always available. Know more about this from  Steve Craig & Micheline Cherveny


AWS Resource Tagging

An Introduction to how Innova uses AWS Resource Tags to help our customers achieve their Cloud goals. Know more about this from Madhumitha Balachandran, Manikanta Krishna Reddy & Micheline Cherveny.


Operational Efficiency as part of Digital Transformation

Learn the journey till date and common pitfalls to avoid in the path of Digital Transformation when it comes to deploying the right business processes, from George Gummadi, Financial Services.