Do these problems sound familiar?
Multiple, fragmented payment processes and payment related systems
Too many payment file formats
Numerous connectivity solutions to send payments and receive bank statements from your banks
Little visibility of ALL your payments and payment processes
Various support teams with each focusing on different payment systems/processes
Recurring payment related issues, consisting of both technical breakdowns and payments that are not straight through processing
Legacy systems with unsupported enhancements that have been bolted on over a number of years
ERP, TMS and in-house systems that all generate different payment formats and connect to banks in a multitude of ways
Slow payment system implementations and long integration timeframes
No cross-organizational payment strategy
If you are experiencing any of these problems then you need a Payments Hub.
A payments hub is a flexible platform that enables banks to build their own payments services that can integrate with multiple systems and channels, essentially breaking down the silos present in legacy structures.
Innova’s SmartEdge platform enables rapid implementation of Payments Hub to streamline existing payment processes and add significant efficiency to the enterprise.
Payment Hub
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