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Presenting an end-to-end Cash and Digital Payment Solutions and Automation Technology

We provide customized solutions and services including outsourcing and cash management, online payment practices including payment providers for merchants, transaction processing services, and mobile wallets.

Authorize, clear, and settle electronic payments in a reliable, efficient, and secure way. With the SmartEdge platform, businesses, governments, and financial institutions can create a branded payment network, or process transactions of an existing branded payment network.


Digital Payments

An expanding fad with a focus on enriching Customer Experience

Credit card management
Merchant management
Debit and pre-paid issuance
Mobile application
Analytics and reporting
Open API integration
API banking
Distributed ledger technology enabled


Our payment platform and solutions help you rapidly set up a fully digital, omnipresent, flexible and fast payment ecosystem. Differentiators include:

  • API based banking and customer onboarding
  • Merchant and customer
  • Account management (acquiring and issuing)
  • Bill payments, purchases, withdrawals, remittances support
  • Built in solutions for corporate expense, transit and loyalty
  • Distributed shared ledger
  • Common data analytics and ML based loyalty engine
  • 360 degree dashboard and alerts for aging cases
  • Optimized compliance monitoring dashboards
  • Integrations with international schemes – VISA, MasterCard, Discover
  • Integrations with international remittances- xrp, Ripple, Xoom, Transferwise

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