Delivering Advanced and Highly Customizable Issuance Solutions

We help you to enhance customer loyalty, speed up activation, deliver new routes for customer acquisition, (personalized payment cards), that are secure and instantly available.

Enhance engagement with your clients through augmented face-time piloting and increase the profitability of your bank branch, all while:

Increasing card activation rates
Driving up transactions with immediate card usage
Reducing paper, postage, and mailing costs by instant issuance

Innova’s issuance solutions are designed tactically with clients current and future needs in mind. Our issuance solution has comprehensive functionality, clear management process acumen, attractive user interface tools, along with world class security features.

Our Multi-Tenant Issuing Solutions

Our solution offers an integrated platform that manages the entire lifecycle of digitized cards. Beginning from the enrolment process, it organizes the provisioning and safe management of customer credentials. The solution lets issuers and service providers extend their services to their own wallets or third-party wallets and covers:

    •   Debit card issuance
    •   Credit card issuance
    •   Multi-currency prepaid cards
    •   Mobile wallet & digital issuance
    •   Gift and loyalty cards
    •   Transit cards


The solution supports in-app payments to enable transactions for Ecommerce and Mcommerce retailers as well as physical merchants. Benefits include:

  •   Real-time credit checks
  •   Instant issuance
  •   Fund transfers
  •   Digit payments: QR, scan and pay
  •   API based integration
  •   Real-time dashboards
  •   Multi-currency
  •   Multi-form factor

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