Let’s Automate your payments today

Our payment services are designed to provide a fully digital, secure, and fast payment ecosystem. Backed by leading payment experts, we help you empower your payment strategy by structuring all your payment needs including governance, certifications, and market implementation.

Innova’s payment services provide simplified payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Finance and block chain experts at Innova are helping transform the digitization of commerce by creating and deploying a real-time, peer-to-peer digital payment platform SmartEdge, that provides more direct control with faster settlement that allows financial institutions to redefine the consumer experience.

Keep a trail of all your payments using our stunningly designed payments dashboard. With all your payment information in one place, we will make you a more organized and efficient business owner.

What makes us different?

Speed: All our payment reception methods are swift; we aim to get our customers their hard-earned money as fast as possible.

Digital: Our personalized, ‘Always-On’ user interface and highly connected payment experience, help us to make money invisible and available to all.

Costs: We care for your money and that made us give you reduced costs of payments and operational costs.

Rapid Innovation: We know your needs and that is why our experts are continuously building better products to make a Single platform for your diverse payment needs like network, processing, mobile wallet or gateway. It’s our motto to delight our customers.