Nephele is designed to enable fewer Operations staff members to manage large volumes of IT Services with less risk and fewer service disruptions than current tools through its focus on Configuration Management and the use of current-generation components.
This solution fits into Innova’s strategy of providing a one-stop-shop for Enterprises to transform their IT Workloads by ensuring the internal toolset we provision and utilize is in alignment with the technology and practices necessary to operate inside the cloud.

Why Nephele

Nephele is designed to enable the Innova Operators to spend more time on value-added activities, such as Configuration and Problem Management, and less time on Event and Incident Management.
Highly scalable, distributed automated monitoring of devices and IT services
Automatic incident response
Direct integration with popular Configuration Management tools (e.g. Chef, Puppet, Ansible)
Customizable dashboards
Full Configuration Management DB to maintain relationships between all devices, storage, networks and services
Wiki-based central repository for process documentation and information overview
Direct integration with popular Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tools (e.g. Jenkins, AWS CodeDeploy)