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Responding to Today’s High Demand for Cybersecurity and Risk Mitigation Needs

Transform data into insights and see your entire security motion picture instead of isolated incidents. Most organizations today are investing their security budgets into managed security services. An evolving threat landscape requires skilled security talent and expertise. Yet, there is a critical imparity in getting qualified talent and a need to monitor and manage security events on a 24x7x365 basis.

Innova’s Managed Security Services (MSS) leverage investment in threat intelligence and advanced analytics. Built into a purpose-oriented platform, it provides best-of-breed abilities to deliver a diverse array of Managed Security Services.

Our support security experts offer transparent and repeatable services, identifying and blocking advanced threats. Likewise, providing perceptions and metrics into security posture and trends.


Superior threat intelligence and advanced analytics, protecting and optimizing your organization

Innova’s MSS manages your Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools, Intrusion Detection Systems/Intrusion Prevention Systems, firewalls, antivirus, vulnerability and compliance management, and more.

Organizations use MSSPs to offload the tedious work of managing and monitoring hundreds if not thousands of security incidents and events a day.

If your organization lacks in-house security resources, expertise, or the time to monitor and manage your security environment continuously, then Innova’s managed security services are a beneficial choice.


Managed security services

Threat management

Defend critical assets from vulnerabilities, detect advanced threats and quickly respond and recover from disruptions.

Managed detection and response

Safeguard, prevent, detect and respond to endpoint threats around the clock, fueled by threat intelligence and proactive threat hunting.

Managed cloud security

Secure your entire hybrid cloud with managed and advisory services.

Managed endpoint security

Protect enterprise endpoints in today’s distributed and remote-first environment with antivirus, data loss prevention, and encryption.

Managed identity

Run and deliver continuous improvements and optimizations to your identity and access management program.

Security Command Center

Build and test mature incident response (IR) teams and playbooks to prepare your team against a security breach.


Partner with Innova’s experts, advanced Threat Intelligence, and security services to quickly discover and respond to breaches. Identify and avert more cyber threats and focus on your business. We will handle the rest for you!



Enhanced Endpoint Threat Detection
Improved visibility for the earliest possible warning your endpoints may be compromised.

Augmented Visibility
Reduce blind spots and see threat activities that may be invisible to other tools.

Surged ROI
Realize more value from security tools with expert analyst and researcher insights.

Increased Productivity
Reduce time spent validating events and correlating data across your security tools.

Predict, Prevent, Detect, Respond
Boost the value of security technologies with the help of our experts to help better defend your business and identify more threats faster.

Advanced Remediation Management
Enhance event analysis with the investigation to enable the right action.

Automated Intelligence
Empower necessary scaling of security operations using security AI and machine learning without the need for extensive personnel shifts or coverage.

Next-generation security technologies
Better protect your enterprise from emerging threats across IT, OT, IoT, and IoMT domains with monitoring, management, and risk mitigation tools.


Impermeable Cybersecurity Solutions

The time to address security gaps today—security risk to corporations is growing daily; it is never “if” a hacker gains access, but “when.” It is also “how” a corporation responds that is critical to reducing the impact on critical data and revenue of a company. Therefore, leverage our technology-advanced cybersecurity solutions that not only protect your data but also mitigate all associated risks. In addition, we can help you with a complementary ACS Solutions workshop where our specialist will work with your team to identify, analyze and design a solution roadmap for you.

Curious to know more, schedule a demo with our MSS Experts today! Let us future proof your cyberspace.


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