The usage of analytics within enterprises is up threefold since 2009. Business are realizing the power of converting every byte of data into actionable insights. Enterprises are tasked to generate these insights effectively, in real time, while keeping the cost low.

There are many techniques enterprises follow to manage their data effectively like data profiling, governing, cleansing, etc. And there are many Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence technologies like Informatica, MicroStrategy, Tableau, Qlikview, etc. With all these techniques and tools, enterprises are still facing challenges to manage the vast volume of growing data and to convert them into meaningful insights. Some of the challenges are – data volume, new sources & formats, missing connectors and integration with cloud applications. This makes data integration harder and extracting insights is even more complex.

At Innova we leverage our proprietary enterprise accelerators like pre-built data transformation scripts, dashboard templates, cloud data connectors and variety of scripts to deliver information management services. Below are the high level services.

Services" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Data Marts & Warehouses" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Data Transformation" viewBox="0 0 1664 1792">Data Management" viewBox="0 0 2048 1792">BI & Analytics Applications" viewBox="0 0 1152 1792">Mobile BI" viewBox="0 0 1536 1792">self serve analytics

Solutions" viewBox="0 0 480 512">Sales Metrics" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Marketing Insights" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Web Analytics" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Work Force Analysis

Unique Value

  •" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Our customers save 10-30% of development time with our enterprise accelerators – library of tools, scripts, predefined dashboard templates and frameworks that helps in reducing the development time and/or automating the administrative tasks.
  •" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Certified Data Warehouse/BI professionals across North America and APAC.
  •" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Technology partnerships to empower center of excellence teams – – MicroStrategy, Qlikview, Roambi, Oracle, Microsoft.
  •" viewBox="0 0 512 512">Cloud Information Management Platform.
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