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Travel & Hospitality

Facilitating highly-personalized interactions to satisfy even the most demanding consumer

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Intelligent revenue recognition
The travel and hospitality industry no longer runs on traditional methods. Business owners have been automating processes for a long time to enhance customer satisfaction and improve efficiency in service delivery. They have directed their efforts towards addressing traveler needs including, interactive and exciting experiences powered by seamless planning and flawless execution. Travelers today value high levels of personalization, seamless interactions in the digital and social channels, and convenience during online travel bookings.

How We Make a Difference

  • Advanced analytics solutions to predict and forecast demand
  • Customized mobility solutions for bookings and guest self-service
  • Ability to modernize core administrative systems with minimum disruption
  • Crafting omnichannel travel booking experiences for millennials
  • Building robust travel booking portals to deliver a seamless booking experience

Our Industry Offerings

Travel suppliers & Intermediaries

We at Innova, with in-depth tech know-how and domain expertise, also help you create a relevant digital strategy for the post-pandemic world. After the onset of the pandemic, travel suppliers and intermediaries are turning to new ways to drive value. They have realized that technology is a crucial competitive differentiator that, when combined with creative strategies, can ensure seamless online bookings, streamline reservations, or help integrate property management. Innova has been enabling airlines, hotel chains, and car rental companies to better serve their connected customers.

Restaurants & Food services

In the face of growing competition, restaurants and food services need to adopt a customer-centric approach. They must focus on reducing wait times, increasing revenue from orders, and delivering a winning customer experience. Innova’s digital transformation and agile development expertise help restaurants reduce order-to-delivery times, predict upsell/cross sell opportunities, and maximize revenues from on and off-premise orders.

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