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SaaS Operations

Innova’s Professional & Managed Software-as-a-Service
Operations at Scale

The global pandemic saw employees fleeing office buildings and the firewalls that surround them. Overnight an army of work-at-home information warriors was created and tasked with managing their new office environment using off-the-shelf, consumer tech. Many organizations threw off the expense of data center applications with the VPN infrastructure and VDI solutions to provide access to meet this challenge. They adopted Software-as-a-Service applications (SaaS Apps) to provide the agility and flexibility to meet the productivity goals and budget constraints created by the global pandemic.

The data stored in SaaS Apps lives on the edge of the Internet, accessible with the proper credentials and sometimes with no credentials at all. Powered by their enterprise Google & Microsoft OAuth logins and a corporate p-card, these work-at-home information workers can obtain SaaS Apps without putting in a ticket with the helpdesk. Empowering employees to store corporate data outside of IT and InfoSec controls.

The prior investments in firewalls and VPNs do not protect data stored in SaaS Apps. The standard operating procedures for supporting a desk-bound workforce are not matching the needs of this dispersed employee population using SaaS Apps. The mass exodus in the last few years to consumer-grade Internet and zero trust networks has left many organizations scrambling to adapt to the new frontier of SaaS App management.

To meet the challenges of applications moving from the datacenter to SaaS App providers, Innova has developed a Professional and Managed SaaSOps practice. Working with our partners and building on our rich heritage of application management in the data center and public cloud, Innova spent significant time researching, training, and developing our SaaSOps practice to meet these new challenges.

About SaaSOps Service

Innova follows the SaaSOps standard of Discover, Manage, and Secure through people, process, and partners. Our SaaSOps practice empowers our success at managing heterogeneous SaaS applications and their disparate APIs at scale. This SaaSOps capability makes Innova the first Professional & Managed Service Provider for data center, public cloud, and SaaS.

You cannot manage what you do not know. That is the heart of discovery. Innova utilizes best-in-class tooling to root out SaaS Apps from SSO & OAuth integrations, accounts payable, and endpoint monitoring. We further strengthen this process with staff interviews and questionnaires. From this data, we can reveal the SaaS App landscape to our clients and work with them to properly size their SaaS App portfolio. Innova shows duplicative applications classes, unused licenses, abandoned SaaS Apps, and the SaaS Monster of Shadow IT lurking in every company. As with many of our disciplines, continuous compliance is essential, ensuring timely updates and remediation for SaaS licensing, billing, and new integration events.
SaaS Apps provide the agility of service delivery that even AWS, Azure, and GCP cannot match.
To maximize that agility, organizations need a user lifecycle management process that captures all the touchpoints of an employee’s SaaS App journey. Buying the SaaS App is only the first step in the application lifecycle management process. Ensuring employees get the right SaaS Apps at the right time and with the proper permissions promptly maximizes the SaaS App investment. Manual tasks and spreadsheets cannot keep up with SaaS Apps; that is why Innova’s SaaSOps management practice leverages SaaS automation to match the speed of SaaS productivity. Our automated workflows developed to mirror, improve, enhance our client’s manual processes deliver the sought-after free time to tackle more pressing technical debt.
The firewalls in the data center and the security groups in the public cloud do not protect SaaS Apps’ data. Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Slack all provide employees with the ability to share data with anyone on the Internet. The data stored in these SaaS storage providers generally have the exact compliance requirements like that in the data center. Each may have a different set of super administrators as well as providing global access. Innova integrates with the data loss prevention (DLP) APIs exposed by these SaaS storage providers to offer near-real-time security and compliance over data storage stored on the edge of the Internet and provide automated remediation for violations.

Don’t know where to start with your SaaS management journey? Innova can direct you on the right path with our SaaSOps Assessment service. Innova’s certified SaaSOps architects will work with you to evaluate your SaaS Discovery, SaaS Management, and SaaS Security. We will provide actionable insight into your SaaS App environment and guide you to a SaaS App lifecycle that focuses on cost, compliance, and security driving employee satisfaction. With Innova’s Professional and Managed SaaSOps practices, we provide a SaaS Transformation for your organization.

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