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Separate foreground from background, or clustering regions of pixels based on similarities in color or shape

A large amount of information is stored in unstructured documents such as pdf, text files, images, social media, log files, and product manuals. Critical information such as tables, images, infographics is embedded in these documents. Extracting relevant data is not a trivial task when the structure of these documents vary from document to document.

Innova’s Image Extraction Solution module allows people to filter image data with natural query language to retrieve necessary information from unstructured documents. While doing so, the solution allows:

A human to validate the results from the extract engine
Convert unstructured information into a structured one

Several algorithms and techniques for image segmentation have been developed over the years using domain-specific knowledge to effectively solve segmentation problems in that specific application area.

Our solution allows you to extract images from the following document types:

Medical imaging, automated driving, video surveillance, and machine vision
User manuals and product information for retail service tickets, text files, email, and social media
Remittance advices and invoices in finance

We can help with

Improving capture accuracy based on fast learning algorithms
Automatic capture of additional document types, irrespective of volume

What makes us different?

Web based interface for defining domain specific taxonomy and data elements to be extracted

Intelligent capture – Leverage machine learning algorithms for continuous, self-adapting image extraction

Efficient data completion – Accelerate data entry with single-click entry and automatic table and other entities recognition

Plug and Play – Connect to a data source of your choice and gain insights using pre-built analytics

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