Organizations in the United States lose $1.2 trillion from IT failures every year. Worldwide, the total comes to $6.2 trillion. The majority of this loss is not caused by the low probability / high-consequence catastrophes that capture attention, but by high-probability / low-consequence events that occur frequently!

IT Management has to answer the following questions,

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    How effective are your DR Tests? Cannot simply pull the plug to check if Recovery really works!

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    Is your DR up to date? Todays IT involves complex, continuously changing heterogeneous environments needing many skillsets to support and maintain.

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    Do you have the required information to make DR work? Need Real-Time Visibility and Accountability of IT and Business Disruption and associated Financial Impact as a result of downtime to make business decisions

Innova provides complete, end to end DR Solutions, including strategic Cloud Assessment by Industry experts, DR design and implementation services that include all the necessary components : compute, storage, network, replication and recovery tools and enterprise process for ongoing maintenance & support


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  • Extensive Infrastructure Automation engine (for staff co-ordination, DR maintenance and failover processes and infrastructure control).

  • Ensure DR is kept up to date, e.g. auto detection and notification of environment changes
  • Enable single click failover to DR with minimal reliance on presence of SMEs
  • No Capex, “risk free” Opex – pay as you go

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  • Real-Time Visibility of Business Service Availability, Financial Impact and Recovery Management of Heterogeneous Environments
  • Real-Time Business Impact Analysis (BIA) & IT Integration
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  • Reducing/limiting the Impact of IT disruption

Innova Disaster Recovery Services Overview

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