Robotic Process Automation
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Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve process efficiency and reduce errors. 69% of CEOs are planning to drive corporate growth and profitability through cost reduction and 62% expect technology to completely disrupt their business within five years. Disruptive technologies such as RPA are completely changing companies’ strategic landscape and RPA can help CEOs make their vision a reality. INNOVA’s Intelligent/Robotic Process Automation, together with a unique RPA methodology, simplifies repetitive and rule-based processes for clients which includes automating large amounts of data extraction work, as well as error-prone back office tasks like data entry, account creation and data processing. Innova leverages tools like Blue Prism, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Work Fusion, Kofax and AntStein. Our business process management improves process efficiency and reduces human intervention.
Artificial intelligence is only as good as the data it runs on. So when more than 80% of data in enterprises is unstructured, and hence outside the purview of AI systems, you have a problem. It is a problem that Innova Solutions has tackled, with cognitive-machine-reading capability that can ingest structured, unstructured, semi-structured, inferred and image-based data.
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Data Curation
Innova’s Intelligent/Robotic Process Automation is a one‑stop solution with pre‑built workflows that connect different systems, extract data from multiple sources and integrate data based on source and target mapping with iDSp.
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Decision Support
Innova’s Intelligent/Robotic Process Automation and Innova Data Science Platform (iDSp) delivers a comprehensive kind of RPA which enables information gathering from structured and unstructured data formats and generate canned, out-of-the-box analytics that will allow data managers to focus on more critical decision making processes.
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DIY Self-Service
Cognitive Automation is a new concept that extends the capabilities of RPA by leveraging technologies such as image segmentation, optical character recognition, text analytics, and machine learning. Combined with Innova’s Intelligent/Robotic Process Automation and Innova Data Science Platform (iDSp), Cognitive Automation represents a cutting-edge and comprehensive kind of RPA.
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