• Ability to create Chabot to specific to each data source / domain
  • Chat Response in the form of graphs / charts
  • Re-train the responses to your satisfaction
  • Supports Superset and Spotfire for visualizations
  • Customization Services available upon request
How does it work?
  • Plug in your data source by clicking on the “Create Chatbot” option by pointing to the Data Source from Data Catalog
  • Configure your Chatbot by selecting the Dimension, Metric and Date Time based on the data set selected
  • Click on "View" to see the created chatbot
  • "iDSp Chatbot interface"
  • Chat response in the form of graphs/charts
  • Re-train the responses to your satisfaction
What kinds of questions can you ask?
What are the total claims based on payers?
How much amount has been claimed by the payer?
You can ask any questions, whether related to your chatbot's selected data set or even something random like “tell me a joke”
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