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As an organization we are focused on providing transformative business solutions, automate manual/semi functional processes to optimize enterprise operations. With every customer we delight and every partner we empower, we galvanize automation by offering simplified framework to offer Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation as a service in your enterprise to enable digitization, better decision support and self-service systems with our expertise on Data engineering & Analytics, Machine learning, RPA, Cloud and IOT along with domain specific solutions and serving cross-cutting org units like HR, Finance, Sales, Customer Support and IT.

We help to enable our clients to provide better digital experiences, accelerates process digitization, provide AI-driven insights for better decision support, and to provide self-service solutions.

Cognitive Automation will automate complex processes & decisions that would historically require direct human involvement
RPA automates typical repetitive manual tasks via well-defined business rules

What makes us different?

Technology agnostic with key strategic partnerships

Innova COE delivers end to end capabilities to significantly reduce time to market and control cost

Our framework consists of specialized assessment methods and artifacts, tools, productized solutions, reusable softbots among other things to enable a seamless implementation of your automation needs.

Innova RPA as a service provides further value by greatly reducing the investment, complexity and operational costs associated with traditional implementations and have you up and running in minutes by leveraging the ready to go framework

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