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Data-driven business decisions

From traditional business intelligence dashboards to big data analytics to state-of-the-art advanced deep learning and bot-based AI, Innova’s data scientists and data professionals bring sophisticated data solutions that encapsulate complex services in accessible components that can significantly extend your company’s data capabilities and help enterprises take effective data-driven business decisions.

We have a long array of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Engineering Services that can automate most of your mundane business tasks and increase efficiency.

Where all we can help you?

  •  Assessment
  •  Tool Evaluation
  •  Strategy & Architecture
  •  Migration
  •  Governed Data Discovery
  •  Analytical & Operational Reporting
  •  Data Visualization & Storytelling
  •  Self-Service analytics
  •  Real-time analytics
  •  Advanced analytics
  •  AI powered insights
  •  Managed Services
  •  User adoption and training

Data Engineering

  •  Data Architecture
  •  Data Security & Privacy
  •  Data Curation
  •  Data Discovery
  •  Data Quality
  •  Data Integration
  •  Master Data Management
  •  Metadata Management
  •  Data Governance
  •  Data Migration
  •  (Big) Data Lakes

What makes us different

Proven expertise in successfully implementing complex, high performance, scalable projects at reduced cost of at least 40% on an average annually through global development engagement model.

Our vast experience in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, Advanced Analytics & Automation platforms has helped clients mature their data utilization & receive bigger payback from their existing investments.

Our cognitive automation initiatives have resulted in greater operational scalability, reduced turnaround, lower error rates and more than 50% of savings in employee activities.

Innova’ data solution accelerators and frameworks have enabled our customers to reduce time to market by 1.5x and at lower costs.

Certified professionals in various data, analytics, cloud and automation technologies

Partnerships & alliances with leading data & technology providers

Flexible engagement model – Time & Material, Turnkey Projects, Managed Services

You have a dream?

We have a way to get you there.
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