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Presenting the Potential of Automation

We bring the most complex Digital Workforce Platform changing work more human by automating business processes and liberating people

We help you transform your business with innova’s Data Science Platform (iDSp. Our automation solutions ensure sustained value and deliver continuous commercial outcomes. We combine our deep business, technology and domain expertise with solutions facilitating humans, autonomics, and cognitive agents collaborate and deliver enterprise innovation and growth.

Innova’s Data Science Platform (iDSp) leverages automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence to help organizations achieve business outcomes faster and with minimal risk. Our automation network is reliable from design through to delivery and combines in-depth process expertise with exclusive machine learning and rational intelligence practices to gear you up for success.


  • Information Extraction
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Real-time Analytics
  • (Big) Data Lakes & Forests

Decision Support

  • Cognitive Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Proactive Monitoring

DIY Self Service

  • Omni-channel Mega bots
  • Ad-hoc BI
  • Smart Automation
  • Security & Compliance

Our offerings

At Innova, we bring together unique approaches, intellectual properties, tools, and industry partnerships to streamline your operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs throughout your IT and enterprise ecosystem.

Information Extraction
Image Extraction
Sentiment Analysis
Anomaly Detection

Connect to a data source of your choice and gain insights using our plug and play solutions.


Plug & Play

Plug and play your datasets by creating projects across different business functions (finance, sales, marketing, HR) and industry verticals (Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Automotive). Thus helping customers focus on their business problem

REST API based services

Consume REST API based services for analysing the data using state of the art AI/predict analytics Algorithms for Natural Language Processing, Image processing, voice processing and get insights for sentiment analysis, anomaly detection and chatbots.


iDSp platform reduces the burden of selecting the right model, as we have preconfigured models that can be trained and reskilled to reduce the overall development time.


Results of the analysis are stored and fed to visualization and can generate different views that helps CXO level to understand the impact on the business and quickly take necessary actions proactively.


Entire platform is configuration driven, customizable and extensible as it is built on open source technologies following industry best practices.

Automating can deliver better customer results, faster and at a lower cost.

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