Innova Solutions understands how difficult it can be to maintain IT compliance with a wide variety of security policies and operational best practices (whether industry standard policies like CIS or your own company-defined policies).  We provide a fully managed, policy-driven service that eliminates the overhead and delays associated with traditional IT compliance by delivering inspection, alerting, reporting and expert remediation at enterprise scale.

Our Managed Program combines the expertise and experience of our security and compliance operations team with the power of UpGuard’s total integrity management platform, to provide IT infrastructure compliance monitoring, investigation, and remediation across the Enterprise.

With Continuous Compliance, we
  • Develop the right policies and checks to align with your IT compliance policies
  • Identify compliance gaps and investigation
  • Fix and create the code to programmatically apply the remediations
  • Manage and finetune policies and targets
Components of Continuous Compliance
  • Program Setup
  • Discovery & Design
  • Solution Deployment
  • Policy Configuration
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Service Management
Benefits We Offer
  • Real-time, accurate compliance and remediation with constant state of reliable security and compliance.
  • Increased Agility by automating the configurations to eliminate/minimize high-risk periods of non-compliance
  • Proactive IT operation by developing a reusable process, increasing reliability and automation
  • Higher visibility into various security configurations and the ability to identify, change, fix and report.
  • Controlled/Reduced costs through our effective continuous compliance program as managed service model