Today’s enterprises are facing new challenges where creativity, pace of innovation, and reducing time to market are key success factors. Companies are tasked with expanding rapidly while driving costs down. To achieve these goals, companies are required to embrace new technologies such as Cloud Computing and Continuous Integration and Deployment.

From a financial perspective, the cloud allows to shift from capital expenses to operational expenses. The cloud offers a “pay as you go” model where significant capital investments in hardware and software are no longer required. As a result, companies have seen up to 30% cost savings in their IT infrastructure budgets.

We have the unique capability to approach your project from an application-centric or an infrastructure-centric perspective. We typically perform an infrastructure-led migration when an entire facility must be closed; however, we prefer an application-led approach as that allows us to transform your application delivery during the cloud migration.  Your infrastructure migration ensures an exact replica of your environment is available inside the cloud.   Application transformation provides the opportunity to architect a modern CI/CD workflow and toolset in conjunction with our Operations Practice.

At Innova Solutions, we leverage our best of breed migration tools and repeatable and consistent implementation processes to produce predictable outcomes, lower operational risks, and improve IT efficiencies.  Our main focus is to enable you to spend less time managing your enterprise IT environment and spend more time increasing revenue opportunities.

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