Innova’s Cloud services aid in designing, building and moving IT infrastructure to the optimal Public cloud, thus giving freedom to your infrastructure capital.

Our experienced Cloud Transformation experts can help your company navigate the process of getting to the cloud and living there productively. Innova’s Agile Cloud Services Program transforms your company’s IT infrastructure to an effective and efficient operation on the cloud.

Cloud Services
  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Cloud Security Services
  • Cloud Automation & Optimization
  • Cloud  Application Services
  • Cloud DevOps
  • Cloud Migration & Transformation
Benefits we offer

Unbiassed Carrier

Our state-of-the-art delivery centers uses services from multiple Internet service providers. We pledge for full network redundancy ensuing high network accessibility for our clients.

Global Clientele

We have more than 50 clients across the globe, and our hunger for more such success stories is never ending. Innova’s cloud services has a strong experience of positioning and managing cloud services across platforms and businesses.

On time delivery

Thanks to our state-of-art delivery centers, and business continuity services, we guarantee 99.99% server uptime SLAs.


Our cloud offerings are more adaptable to the changing needs or demands of its users or clients.

No Lock-In Period

Experience complete freedom with our Zero lock-in cloud plans. With iCloud, we not only configure and deploy your cloud as and when you need but also you get to axe the contract based on your business need.

Success Stories

For a premier media company

Developed Infrastructure‑as‑Code and Configuration Management to completely automate the process for instantiation of all resources (including monitoring integration) ; Reduced cloud costs by nearly 20% through the Cloud Optimization Service’s identification of unused and underutilized resources

For a leading bio-pharmaceutical company

Migrated large‑scale data sets into Azure data storage, and automated the scheduling and process of efficiently analyzed data in Hadoop