Customer Solution Case Study
IT Managed Services
Media & Entertainment
Client Profile
A premier media company attracting more than 100 million consumers across their iconic and industry-leading print, digital and video brands
Business Situation
The company made a strategic decision to consolidate multiple vendors to one that would provide complete monitoring and management of their entire on-premises Server and Network Infrastructure, as well as their Amazon Web Services environment.
Prior to Innova Solutions, the company’s environment consisted of multiple vendors working to provide IT Operations Managed Services for their technology Infrastructure and user base. In addition to the problem of coordinating and ensuring SLA’s across multiple vendors, the environment consisted of a variety of out-of-date and unsupported monitoring tools for both performance and availability, across both their on-premises infrastructure and their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Further, the company did not have robust Configuration Management requiring manual system updating or bespoke scripting. As a result of all this, the company did not have the ability to create meaningful dashboards that could paint a clear picture of the health status of their environment.
Innova Solutions quickly responded assembling a centralized 24×7 IT Services Management Operations team located in Chennai, India. The team consists of L1 and L2 Engineers for the various technology Towers (Database, Storage & Backup, Windows, Messaging, Linux, Network Data and Network Voice). As an integral part of this, Innova provided 24×7 Operations Supervision, as well as an On-site Service Delivery Manager. The entire Infrastructure Knowledge Transition process was completed in 10 weeks. Weaving together the various Towers and supervisory roles and client staff is the implementation of Nephele™, Innova’s next‑generation monitoring & operations management platform.
  • A centralized operations team
  • One partner replacing multiple vendors
  • Fully managed, centrally deployed and cloud agnostic monitoring and management platform providing a single authoritative source for all monitoring information and alerts
  • Highly efficient operations service delivery:
    • Reduced human error
    • Dashboards for performance monitoring information
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