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Active Directory Consolidation
Client Profile
A major US-based financial and administrative healthcare network reaching a very broad cross-section of physicians, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories, as well as government and commercial payers.
Business Situation
After a series of corporate acquisitions, the company needed to consolidate multiple Active Directory forests in order to eliminate overhead and improve the efficiency of their operations.
As a result of corporate acquisitions, the company found itself managing multiple Active Directory forests. While the acqusitions were integrated at the network level and through the configuration Active Directory of trusts, this increasingly became more problematic and a bigger administrative headache over time as they continued to maintain the separate directories. The operational overhead of supporting multiple directories included having to maintain a large, duplicative infrastructure of directory servers, backup and recovery processes, and unwelcome complexity in provisioning and de‑provisioning workflows. The company turned to Innova Solutions for help in consolidating these multiples directories down to one and eliminating the unnecessary challenges they were facing.
Innova Solutions first assessed and documented the current state of the source and target directories to ensure a full understanding of the configurations, redundancy, and security of each of the environments. The assessment uncovered a significant number of sub-optimal across all the directories, so the company determined that the best course of action was to start with fresh and create an entirely new directory. This would allow them to migrate all of the objects from the existing directories into a new, clean target directory and then decommission the old directories.
Working together closely with the company, Innova defined a baseline configuration for the new directory, including org structure, access control and group and domain policies. Leveraging NepheleDomain™ (Innova’s proprietary Active Directory management tool), Innova was able to programmatically provision and configure the new Active Directory environment, ensuring the deployed configuration was fully coherent with the architectural design. Once the new directory was in place, Innova integrated commercial migration tools to support the synchronization of over 10,000 users objects, as well as a similar number of workstations and hundreds of servers. Innova then worked with the company to facilitate the transition to the new consolidated directory
  • Efficiency – By consolidating to a single directory the overhead of managing multiple directories was eliminated, creating efficiency for operations, security and the service desk.
  • Compliance – By using NepheleDomain™, the full configuration design (including compliance requirements) was defined in advance in a documented and controlled way, and then deployed. This ensured the new directory deployment was consistent with baseline standards, right from its instantiation, rather than requiring conformation and tweaks after deployment.
  • Cost Savings – By eliminating multiple directories, costs were reduced through efficiency gains and through the elimination of the licensing for backup clients, monitoring clients, operating systems, etc.
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