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Cloud Optimization
Client Profile
A leading technology development, multiplatform services and revenue partner for video, internet and communications providers, device manufacturers and enterprises.
Business Situation
Like many organizations, the company’s adoption of public cloud happened organically on an individual group basis. In the absence of a wider corporate-level strategy, this resulted in many independently created and operated cloud environments, making cost management and cloud governance more challenging.
With over 20 AWS accounts and individual bills, the company’s first step towards consolidation was to link all the accounts under a master account to simplify billing and take advantage of bulk rates. However, like most public cloud adopters, they still needed a more comprehensive ability to analyze, optimize, and govern their cloud costs.
Their previous cloud cost governance process extracted data from the AWS billing system into Excel spreadsheets for analysis. This widely used model had identified a few large issues and had led to realized savings in the past. As the cloud environment grew and became more complex, however, this became an insufficient approach to controlling AWS governance and cost management.
The challenges of managing the business aspects of cloud adoption is quite common. To address these challenges, Innova developed the Cloud Optimization Program. Leveraging industry-leading cloud management technology from CloudHealth Technologies in combination with Innova’s experienced engineering team, this program provides customers with a cost-effective solution for continuously analyzing their cloud environments. The program both identifies opportunities for cost reduction and security improvement, and then applies those optimizations on the client’s behalf.
Innova first performed a full cost and security assessment across all of the client’s AWS accounts to inspect key metrics such as resource usage, service costs, utilization, resource reservations, as well as to identify AWS security best practice violations. This baseline inspection resulted in a collection of recommendations for reducing costs and closing common security gaps, which in turn fed into the Optimization Pipeline. The pipeline is an ongoing managed service where the Innova team processes and implements optimizations on the client’s behalf. This transfer of custodial duties to Innova removes the heavy burden of continuous analysis, engineering and implementation of optimizations while delivering cost savings for the client week after week.
Innova’s initial Cost Optimization Assessment built upon the client’s previous cost governance efforts and identified an additional 30% of monthly cost savings through further optimization of existing AWS resources. Innova’s ongoing optimization program has continued to realize savings fby identifying and applying new optimization opportunities in their constantly changing cloud environments. This has resulted in a much more controlled, transparent and efficient cloud environment.
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