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Client Profile
A global technology services company with broadcast facilities throughout the world focused on supporting broadcast, cable and digital leaders, specializing in full-time network origination/playout and live ad-hoc transmission services.
Business Situation
As part of it’s ongoing network refresh process, the company was looking for outside expertise to revalidate their network architecture, operations processes and audit their adherence to industry best practices.
The company high-end origination, broadcast and satellite uplink facilities around the world supporting a wide array of services. These services all depend on highly efficient, well designed and operating networks capable of moving large quantities of high-definition video into and around their network and facilities. As part of their regular and ongoing networking review and refresh process, Encompass wanted to include an additional validation step to audit their networking configuration and operational process for adherence to industry and vendor-recommended best practices.
Innova Solutions was engaged to conduct a thorough audit of networking protocols, devices, configuration and operations, beginning with one of the company’s larger facilities. This audit included a site summary of the networks, map of physical connectivity with VLANs and spanning trees, inventory of networking gear with device configurations, overall health of the network, monitoring practices and operational processes. The resulting report provided detailed schematics of the network as currently operating, detailed inventories of network devices and configuration states. The report also enumerated all issues and variances to best practices with specific recommendations for remediation and changes to network operating procedures. Additionally, the report made targeted architectural recommendations and proposed future enhancements regarding physical implementation and network design.
  • Detailed, inventory of network devices and configurations
  • Recommended best practices and architectural guidance for network configuration and operations
  • Remediation plan to tighten network operations and improve network performance and reliability
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