Customer Solution Case Study
Cloud Transformation
Media & Entertainment
Client Profile
A global entertainment media company with internationally recognized brands, over 300 million cable subscribers and half a billion digital users.
Business Situation
As part of a larger RFP process, the company decided they wanted a trusted advisor to help guide them through the process and to assist in determining the most appropriate architectural direction and approach, given their current environment and business imperatives.
Recognizing the clear cost and elasticity advantages that migrating to the cloud would bring, the company distributed an RFP for a migration to Amazon Web Services to a very narrow set of candidate companies. While not initially on their “radar,” Innova Solutions was introduced after the process had started and quickly demonstrated a unique knowledge and experience. Not wanting to restart the RFP, the company quickly engaged Innova Solutions to act as a trusted advisor, providing high-level architectural and process expertise in reviewing and assessing the RFP responses and follow-up, assisting in managing the RFP process itself, as well as delivering focused training on cloud technologies and helping them adopt DevOps practices across their technology teams.
Innova Solutions was able to quickly become integrated into the project team, swiftly getting up to speed on the business requirements, current technology environment and the state of the RFP process. Innova was able to quickly provide value by: assessing and reporting on the RFP responses for quality, comprehensiveness, architectural coherence, operational implications and completeness cost projections; creating a detailed and customized vendor scorecard; and actively assisting in response presentations, reviews and determinations.
Additionally, Innova Solutions was engaged to assist the company’s technology staff in making the transition to a cloud-focused approach. Innova delivered technical training regarding AWS services, capabilities and management. Innova also provided training and direct assistance to implementation teams to jump-start their operations management processes to a set of more optimized DevOps practices, including more flexible Release Management, Configuration Management and Infrastructure-as-Code deployments.
  • Higher quality RFP response review and comparison, including improved architectural vision and direction
  • Cost optimization review
  • Customized, high-quality DevOps and cloud-focused training
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