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Cloud Transformation
Media & Entertainment
Client Profile
A foreign language broadcast TV network available on cable and satellite television throughout most of the United States, with programming including drama series, sports, sitcoms, reality and variety series, news programming, and imported foreign-language feature films.
Business Situation
The company needed assistance to migrate their CRM environment from a co‑location facility to Amazon Web Services, leveraging best practices to ensure a high-performance, secure and cost‑effective implementation.
The company’s digital arm had made the decision to migrate their Customer Relationship Management environment to the cloud on Amazon Web Services. In addition to needing assistance in porting the application to the AWS, they were also looking to develop a formal set of best practices and architectural recommendations to ensure consistently performant, scalable, secure and reliable solutions for all future cloud‑based implementations.
Innova Solutions was engaged to assist in migrating the CRM environment, which was accomplished on time and on budget. As part of this engagement, Innova was also asked to assess the company’s existing environments that had already been deployed on AWS for adherence to AWS best practices, and to recommend improvements to the usage of their Configuration Management (Infrastructure-as-Code) toolset, including Puppet and CloudFormation. Innova conducted a comprehensive audit and provided a detailed inventory and assessment of the existing implementation and resource usage, recommending remediation steps where processes and configurations varied from best practice. This assessment covered all aspects of the implemented AWS environment, including: account setup and resource limits; VPC and networking configurations; security; compute nodes; database; storage; application scalability and elasticity; automation and configuration management; content distribution; monitoring and performance; and deployment management. The assessment report provided detailed recommendations identifying variances by specific best practice and proposing appropriate remediation steps, as well as making cost optimization recommendations for managing the AWS environment.
  • Detailed, inventory of AWS and resources
  • Recommended best practices and architectural guidance for improving cloud deployments and operations
  • Remediation plan to tighten cloud operations and usage, and improve cost management
  • Recommendations concerning improved Configuration Management and usage of Infrastructure-as-Code tools
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