Customer Solution Case Study
Cloud Transformation
Client Profile
A major US-based financial and administrative healthcare network reaching a very broad cross-section of physicians, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories, as well as government and commercial payers.
Business Situation
The company was looking to increase the speed with which they could prototype and trial new services, without requiring capital investment. This in turn needed automation to enable the quick and consistent setup of new environments, which would also enhance their ability to implement redundant systems and automatic scaling capabilities.
The company made a strategic decision to migrate most of their applications to Amazon Web Services. A fundamental requirement of this migration was a coincident acceleration of their shift to DevOps tools and practices. Innova Solutions was engaged to fully automate the deployment process for the entire environment of the first application to go through this process (a leading edge tool claims management tool), enhancing DevOps best practices and leveraging Infrastructure-As-Code tools and approaches to ensure a successful cloud transformation.
Innova Solutions worked with the company to migrate this application to the cloud and delivered a fully automated and repeatable Infrastructure-As-Code framework. The framework starts with a configuration spreadsheet that then renders Cloud Formation templates, which in turn create the AWS Infrastructure resources. This framework sets up all application components in a fully-automated fashion within each of five required environments (from development all the way through to production). Beyond initial deployments, Innova wrote multiple Chef cookbooks to perform Configuration Management operations once the resources had been created. Additionally, all of this has been integrated with the company’s preferred toolset, including Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Octopus Deploy and RunDeck.
Meets the rigorous policy requirements of the Healthcare Industry (HIPAA, PHI).
Deployment in isolated environments for all phases of Product Delivery.
Ensures the primary application environments inside AWS leverage key datacenter resources for networking and Information Security.
Implements security best practices, such as the Defense Information Security Agency Security Technical Implementation Guide.
Cost Transparency
Innova’s framework permits varying AWS instance sizes across multiple environments, allowing for tuning of resources based on financial goals.
Highly available services within the AWS ecosystem.
Maintaining workflows of applications with minimal refactoring with a CI/CD Framework.
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