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A multinational automotive supplier providing a wide range of products to auto manufacturers and after-markets. This publicly traded company operates in dozens of countries around the world with well over 100 production sites, more than a dozen and annual sales of more than $17B.
Continual product innovation is a critical need and speed-to-market is a key differentiator that enables this automative supplier to continue rapidly growing their global business. Business users felt that service requests were not being resolved quickly enough and demanded more responsive, faster turnaround times on support requests. Additionally, there was a clear need for better, more efficient monitoring of the business user infrastructure.
Innova Solutions customized a support solution around the five most significant “pain” points.
Desktop Management – Created standard configurations for desktop hardware and software; implemented an automated new machine build process; implemented a solution to enable remote deployment of applications, operating system upgrades, service and security patches; defined and implemented processes to manage system shifting and the reconfiguration of new user profiles; and streamlined the process of managing hardware maintenance/warranty support, asset management and spares management
Antivirus Management – Improved and tightened the processes around deployment and management of anti-virus security systems; configured regular scheduling of broad-based desktop and server anti-virus scanning; provided direct assistance in the quarantine and remediation of virus infections on user systems; put into practice a mechanism to track and publish alerts of new virus threats to the organization
Software Management – Administered and maintained key software for the company’s R&D functions, such as their simulation software, 3D CAD software, etc.; managed supporting licenses/PLM/service requirements
Backup Management – Designed, documented, implemented and operated a robust and reliable backup process and schedule, with detailed monitoring of backup activities
Vendor Management – Took over responsibility for vendor interaction for new purchases and warranty support; tracked vendor support SLA adherence; and generated regular vendor management reports .
  • Improved, more responsive end-user computing services to the company’s business users in various locations across India
  • Deployment of skilled and experienced support technicians providing timely and direct resolutions of service requests and trouble incidents, increasing business users’ satisfaction
  • Tighter SLA-based engagement model, enabling more accurate delivery metrics
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