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Case Study

Eliminated paper check and reduced administration and operation cost

Client Background

The client is a Health Tech company offers product and solutions to the US Health Plans, Providers, and Hospitals.

Payments team processing payments between providers, patients and payers through online credit card (C2B) and electronic fund transfer (B2B) enabling quick fund processing and reduce payment turnaround time.

Client Need

  • Provider needs an efficient way to receive payments from payers and patients to improve the cash flow and reduce payment logs
  • Eliminate the need for paper handling, follow-up calls, and postage by relying on efficient, automated electronic processes
  • Develop a centralized portal to allow provider enrollment with CHC and collecting sensitive information such as business, contact and bank account to allow electronic fund transfer and improve turnover
  • Build a system to support 200 thousand providers onboarding

Our Solution

  • Utilize AWS cloud technology, GitLab, Jenkins and Octopus to design and architect microservices with DevOps CI/CD pipeline to build a robust system and automated development process
  • Built a fast responsive single page app using the latest React JS UI technology and Nodejs as backbone of microservices. Automated unit testing with MochaJS and SinonJS to ensure code coverage and regression testing
  • Utilize third party identity check such as Giact and Transunion to ensure legitimate information

Tools & Technologies

Java, AES, Dev Ops, HashiCorp Tettaform, Spring Boot

Key Benefits

  • Enable provider automatically receive electronic payment via ACH
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing detail transaction status
  • Eliminate paper check and reduce administration and operation cost
  • Delivered 100+ microservices and lambda functions to accommodate both C2B and B2B payment flow.
  • 6 scrum teams in total of 26 members working collaboratively and collectively contributing to each part of the payment flow
Case Study KeyPoints

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