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Case Study

Transforming customer services in healthcare with Data Management

Client Background

The client is a healthcare technology company that offers software, analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services to help create a stronger, more collaborative healthcare system.

Client Need

  • Process tickets (Remedyforce queue) received from a requestor – sales rep/AE within 48 hours SLA
  • Create accounts, update and merge in legacy Salesforce CRM & Sibel
  • Create/update bill-to, payer, ship-to, sold-to & site in SAP GUI 740

Our Solution

  • Created accounts in Salesforce/SAP following the below process:
    • Validation of data against 3rd-party sources like DHC, D&B, secretary of state, NPI & Google/Internet, before creating an account
    • Validation of the account name & address added by the client’s sales reps in Salesforce
    • Validation and updating of details in all of the salesforce instances & SAP in case of a change request for name and/or address

Tools & Technologies


Key Benefits

  • After account creation in Salesforce/SAP, the sales reps are able to share accurate opportunities/contracts with customers significantly faster
Key Benefits of Master Data Management(MDM)

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