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Case Study

Provided custom Envoy configuration and a single pipeline for a world-leading manufacturer of marking, tracking, and computer printing technologies

Client Background

A world leading manufacturer of marking, tracking, and computer printing technologies serving 84% of the fortune 500 companies.

Client Need

  • Integrate new third-party Windows based VM solution that had its own API with a new product that was being offered in the market
  • The solution had to be deployed behind the client’s SSO as a seamless customer experience
  • It was challenging as the Kubernetes cluster did not share the same subnet as the Windows VM deployment
  • One of the APIs was stateful and required specific routing requirements.
  • Windows infrastructure required monthly updates for Microsoft “security fix Tuesday” to comply with security requirements
  • Interfaces had to be created to load shared information into the third-party solution and the client solution at deploy time

Our Solution

  • Provided custom Envoy configuration and a single pipeline that allowed for rollout of k8s infrastructure and apps in parallel with a Windows VM deployment.
  • Conducted Integration tests that ran as part of the pipeline to make sure everything was connected correctly
  • Deployed a Packer build that took the latest Microsoft fixes and created an image for automatic deployment
  • Reworked the pipeline a year later to implement a multi-VM Managed Instance Group (MIG) with GCP auto-healing
  • Worked closely with the “device-driver in-a-box” solution that was delivered by the vendor to create a first-class server solution capable of infinite horizontal scaling

Tools & Technologies

Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Packer, Envoy

Key Benefits

  • Deployed over 20 releases of the third-party solution and hundreds of the client solution
  • Automation of the custom deployment pipeline ensured that the entire process took less than 5 hours from a sandbox deploy, then dev, stage and production environments.  This included all testing and validation
  • In the beginning, the Windows VM had to be rebooted at least daily. Working with the vendor over a period of 18 months, the client finally has a stable server product that hasn’t needed a reboot in months
Case Study KeyPoints

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