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Case Study

Enabled the client to  save a huge amount of data space without compromising on performance

Client Background

The client is a leading business software provider based out of US.

Client Need

  • Sale initiation​
  • Addition/updation of customer details and associate a customer to Search or scan a product using barcode reader to add a sale.​
  • Reassign sale to another employee​
  • Suspend a sale and resume later​
  • Refund/Exchange a sale​
  • Able to see completed orders with the list of products, quantities, savings and total amount​
  • Store data in offline mode​
  • Local promotion engine to calculate the promotion for a given sale item​

Our Solution

  • Implemented a mobile-based POS system catering to the client’s needs
  • Implemented UX, UI and backend functionality where users can see all the products in a list applied with manual override price, discounted price and promotion applied price
  • Performed research on various storage frameworks such as Core Data, Realm, FMDB and SQlite and chose FMDB for local storage as it is faster and thread safe.
  • Provided automation suite using data-driven framework ​

Tools & Technologies

Appium, IOS

Key Benefits

  • A modern and easy-to-use POS system.​
  • The solution can save a huge amount of data space without compromising on performance.​
  • High usability as it allows different logins in the same device.​
  • Maintenance is easy as it syncs and stores data on a regular basis.​
  • Less waiting time to pay for the order.​
  • Get products after paying regular instalments (laid by order).​
  • Buy a product and pay later (Backorder).​
  • Easy refund and exchange process.​
Case Study KeyPoints

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