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Case Study

Reduced applications licensing costs for a major Telco in Mexico

Client Background

A major Telco in Mexico and provider of triple play services.

Client Need

  • Migrate a large set of applications to the cloud where cost was a major factor.
  • Leverage application that relied on a SOA layer. Migration of one meant potentially affecting other applications
  • Multiple dependencies with applications so potential migrations could affect multiple business units
  • Customer maintained their own servers and networks, with dedicated servers for each application and database that required a considerable outlay in hardware costs.
  • Automate Application Delivery Process. It must include Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) processes
  • Reduce hardware costs and leverage a low-cost solution with high availability.
  • Better failover design to improve reliability and availability of the services and a seamless migration path with minimal impact to the users

Our Solution

  • Built a solution with a focus on managing costs and minimizing disruption of the customer services applications
  • Migrate SOA Applications (Monolithic) to Microservices Architecture to provide fast delivery, independently, better scalability and flexibility
  • KubeMQ (Message Broker) enables the microservices from multiple environments to communicate with each other and build one hybrid infrastructure solution across clouds
  • Huawei and Google Cloud services are providing High Availability and Fault Tolerance
  • Hybrid Cloud solution (Public and Private clouds) provides greater flexibility, security and compliance
  • Implement DevOps model building CI/CD pipelines to automate the Deployment and Delivery Application Process

Tools & Technologies

Kubernetes, Docker, KubeMQ, Spring Framework, Huawei Cloud, Google Cloud

Key Benefits

  • Migration of applications to Microservices
  • Hybrid Infrastructure Cloud Solution reduced costs, improved scalability, control, security and risk management
  • Microservices are easier to build, deploy, maintain, troubleshoot and extend.
  • Reduce applications licensing costs
  • Reduce Deployment and Delivery times
Case Study KeyPoints

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