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Case Study

The SOA enabled easy development of applications at lesser costs

Client Background

The client is a global media and technology company as well as one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world

Client Need

  • Integration of 20+ systems to create a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) layer and developing applications leveraging it. Current challenges faced were:
    • Not systematic communications
    • Billing, provisioning, in-house, third party applications
    • Duplication of efforts
    • Complicated & time consuming
    • Operational instability & security risk
    • Unfamiliarity within developer community of various technologies

Our Solution

  • Created a WebLogic/Aqualogic-based SOA layer providing refined coarse-grained services:
    • Multiple back-end integration including fine-grained, Java, .Net, MQ, file based, DB based
    • 3 versions of the services for consumer
    • SOAP/ REST interface
    • Built-in security
    • Throttling for consumers integrations with multiple systems of record and data sources, including multiple legacy billing systems
  • A customer care application integrating 20+ back end created without the hassle of dealing with the complexity of various systems

Tools & Technologies

Java, Microsoft .NET

Key Benefits

  • The new customer care application was easy-to-use and maintain and resulted in savings in millions of dollars by improving efficiencies in the process for triage and Tech dispatch
  • A web-based interface was created on top for the customer care application with around 30,000 users for the UI and 100 millions transactions in the SOA layer
  • $35 million / yr. reducing avoidable truck roll and AHT
  • The SOA enabled easy development of applications at lesser costs
  • A scalable, high-availability, high-performance, secure architecture
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