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Case Study

Automated scheduling of loads/pickups and minimized report generation time

Client Background

The client is a North American logistics services provider offering logistics technology and transportation management services to manufacturers, retailers, chemical and consumer packaged goods companies

Client Need

  • Automate the tracking of shipping statuses, rate lookups and capacity services from several 3PL customers, other websites and update the internal applications/notifications
  • Ability to download proof of delivery documents and update delivery information in the internal applications
  • Ability to schedule goods pickup in various carrier websites on a regular basis

Our Solution

  • Designed and built new robots to create shipments in carrier websites based on the requirement
  • Designed and built new robots to download proof of delivery documents and store them in the internal database in addition to updating delivery information
  • Automated routine tasks using Kofax Kapow. bots extract relevant data from logistics providers’ website or/and from pdf, excel, xml files. Bots populate the extracted data into desired formats (databases, Excel, PDF etc.) based on the business requirement

Tools & Technologies

Kofax, Kapow, Oracle

Key Benefits

  • Automated scheduling of loads/pickups
  • Automatic updating of delivery information
  • Reduced report generation time for pickups and drops
  • Reduced chances of human errors
  • Faster execution of loads
  • Increased overall productivity owing to the bots’ ability to run multiple instances simultaneously
Key Benefits - Automated Data Update - Logistics

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