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Learning is a process through which a person enhances and develops his efficiency, capacity, and effectiveness at work by improving and updating his knowledge and understanding the skills relevant to his or her job.

Training also helps a person cultivate appropriate and desired behaviors and attitudes towards work and people. The importance of training lies in its effects on the individual as well as on the organization. At Innova, we believe in the power of learning. Hence, we organize various training and learning platforms where SMEs take sessions and share their knowledge on multiple technologies. One such session is called ‘The learn and grow’ series, where people from all over the Innova locations take various technology sessions. Here we bring to you two such sessions which were enriching and insightful for the employees.

Session 1: Infrastructure-As-Code with HashiCorp's Terraform | The good, the bad, and the ugly

As learning is a continuous process, Steve Craig, VP Cloud Services Practice, Innova Solutions, look the tutor hat and took part two of the “Infrastructure-As-Code with HashiCorp’s Terraform | The good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Steve explained about Terraform primitives, providers, output, modules, and functions. As Steve deep-dived into the basics of infrastructure-as-a-code (IaC), it was another insightful session; he explained about general methods of IaC. Qualities of the basic data types and configuration AWS management principles.

As Steve deep-dived into the basics of infrastructure-as-a-code (IaC), it was an exciting session; he explained about general methods of IaC and configuration management principles.

With the help of such training sessions, the best available methods of performing the work were standardized and taught to all employees. We believe employees will work intelligently and make fewer mistakes when they possess the required know-how and understand their jobs and the interdependence of one position.

Session 2: Cloud-based Application Development & Path to Certification

At Innova, we always urge our employees to look for learning opportunities continuously. As a part of our learn and grow series, our VP Cloud Services Ramana Mylavarapu, took our employees through the Cloud-based Application Development & Path towards Certification.

This session was an eye-opener as he explained the fundamentals and scope of cloud-based applications, Cloud adoption drivers, trends, and challenges. He also gave a walk-through on the Cloud Application Development methodology and architecture platform. Many employees who attended the session felt positive, and many started looking to get themselves cloud certified.



Kudos to all the SMEs and attendees for taking the time. Today’s fast-changing technological development makes the knowledge of employees obsolete. They require constant training to cope up with the needs of jobs. A trained employee puts in better output, and with skill in their work, they are in a better position to boost morale.

Session 3: AWS VS Azure

Learning is a lifelong process; we at Innova strongly believe in this. As a part of our learn and grow series, we had conducted another insightful session where Ramesh Kolla, Senior Technical Architect, Innova Solutions, took employees through the comparison between Azure and AWS. The session was so insightful as Ramesh cited real-time examples and drew a comparison between the major cloud service providers like AWS’ storage services are long-running. However, Azure’s storage capabilities are also highly reliable. Both AWS and Azure are vital in this category and include all the essential features such as REST API access and server-side data encryption.



Thanks to Ramesh, he tried to shower some light on AWS vs. Azure debate in this session. The verdict was there is no clear winner in this battle of cloud service providers as organizations have the fortune of choosing the most attractive features from each of these cloud service providers to enable a multi-cloud strategy.

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