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Healthcare innovation is steering industry transformation by enhancing access to care and lowering patient costs. Increase patient access – quality, timeliness, revenue, and reach rural and under-served regions through Innova’s integrated Tele-Medicine and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions.

Revolutionize care by inviting providers and consumers of healthcare services to a holistic platform that accelerates revenue opportunities, and delivery of value-based healthcare to everyone. Meet your patients anytime, anywhere because, healthcare can be effortless and affordable with our integrated solution!

With our healthcare partner CareExpand, we offer a solution-based roadmap designed to save time, resources, and revenue.

Our three main components are:

Introducing Rural and Community Healthcare
Virtual Medicine Toolkit

Patient Acquisition

(Pre- Encounter) allowing invitations to patients and other doctors to contribute to the previous visits.

Patient Care Coordination

(Through – Encounter) providing care coordination with shared clinical workspaces

Patient Health Management

(Post – Encounter) ensuring therapeutic compliance and evolution control


Connect with your patients using the channels they are accustomed to like phone, chat, email, or voice/video calls

Increase revenue through proactive solutions and customized resources and personalized patient monitoring tools

Incorporate recent billing options via CaresAct, Medicare and Medicaid

Continuity of care by maintaining a deep, 2-way proactive relationship with your patients

Reduce costs and dependent responsibilities on your end by adopting our Artificial Intelligence capabilities

Integrate with all EHR/EMR and practice management solutions seamlessly, further leveraging your pre-existing investments

Improve outcomes through proactive patient interaction

Lower prescription drug costs for Medicare, Medicaid beneficiaries & expand Medicare reimbursement benefits


More Revenue

Provide billable telemedicine to your existing patients. CareExpand includes a payment processing framework that collects the charges for you.

More Referrals

CareExpand does social media advertising and promotion for you so that you can get an average of 5 to 10 more referrals per month for telemedicine and personal visits.

Better Engagement

Your patients receive follow-up messages that contain a link to a patient application that allows connecting with you instantly when they need it.

Remote Patient Engagement

CareExpand’s virtual assistant gets your patients connected with you, reporting their progress on a timely basis.


Virtual Medicine Platform

Our free patient application makes it simple for patients to ask for a remote consultation via chat, phone, or video.

Steps to Deliver Successful Telemedicine


Retrieve your patients from your medical record system into an excel or text file

Import and Engage

Add your patients to CareExpand and see how it starts connecting with your patients remotely

Set Up and Get Connected

Set your calendar and start getting tele-consultation requests via chat, phone and video

Expand Your Audience

We showcase your virtual medicine services to get more quality patients

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