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Automated Candidate Nurturing

April 17, 2023

by Innova Solutions


Candidate Nurturing: The Current Story

The word ‘nurture’ literally means “caring for and protecting something while it is growing and developing”. Everything must be nurtured from the beginning to let it develop and grow in all its splendor. Be it talent or relationships, nothing survives if it is not nurtured properly. Comparing the two in the context of recruitment, candidate nurturing implies building relationships with prospective candidates and earning their trust to guide them towards an employment decision. In short, nurturing enhances the overall appeal of the job application process, making it less intimidating and more interesting. In addition, it also enhances human-centricity and keeps a candidate interested throughout the process.

In today’s times, with remote work being the ‘in-thing’ across industries worldwide, geographical barriers are no longer a restriction to changing jobs. Consequently, a prospect is more likely to evaluate multiple job offers at once. In the light of this situation, candidate nurturing assumes greater significance than ever before from an enterprise’s perspective.

Opening the Door to Automation

Candidate nurturing is quite an extensive process comprising various stages. It begins as soon as a candidate views a job posting, at which point a related action is initiated, such as sending him an email reminder to apply. Therefore, once a candidate’s contact information is available, the company can gently nurture the candidate’s interest and eventually convince them to apply. In this situation, manual efforts would lead to unnecessary wastage of both time and resources. This is the reason why automated candidate nurturing is the key to a streamlined and efficient recruitment process.

One can question why we make such a big deal out of automation. Well, there are many manual tasks that automation accomplishes without requiring you to do anything. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your clients received automatic, real-time updates about prospective candidates? They needn’t wait or follow-up with your team again for a status update. Similarly, the candidates too receive an update, irrespective of their selection or rejection. This helps reinforce the trust they have in you.

Without a doubt, technology cannot replace human-to-human interaction. However, when used in the right direction, it helps enhance the recruiter-candidate interaction and provides human resources professionals with the time to nurture candidates properly.
Automated tools help achieve the following:

  • Sending out timely job reminders to candidates
  • Highlight your organization’s culture, benefits, and employee stories
  • Offer past employees a chance to reconnect in the future
  • Encourage Questions and Answers as well as in-person & online events
  • Enable the automation of manual and repetitive tasks

The benefits of automation do not stop with the ones listed above. At each stage of the nurturing process, automation can be utilized to share personalized messages and relevant information with the candidate through surveys, webinars, blogs, podcasts etc. In addition, automated tracking procedures can also be implemented to measure the engagement’s effectiveness based on parameters such as open and click-through rates, referrals, and feedback.

Automation of repetitive tasks allows the team to utilize their time and energy for creative and intellectual activities. Automation also helps keep the candidate connected all throughout the process to build engaging, more scalable strategies. Not just this, automation also helps reduce pointless paperwork, accelerates the overall process speed, increases productivity, and reduces the overall time taken to hire qualified candidates.

How to Begin with Automation

Irrespective of the size of an organization, utilizing recruitment automation helps offload the majority share of the team’s work. This does not, however, necessarily indicate that automation is a complicated process. An organization’s requirements should be fully considered when choosing an automation solution, maximizing the capacity to concentrate on tasks that are more important. Any automated candidate nurturing program should always place a high premium on technology as its foundation. Therefore, leveraging an automation tool helps manage routine activities, enhances communication with candidates, and fills in a gap if one arises. An ideal automation process can be a combination of e-mail software, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and a website that work together throughout a candidate’s nurturing journey.


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