Our Mission

Empower the Enterprises in Transition to New Technologies, Embrace new Service Models and deliver the Business Value of IT

Who we are.

Innova is a global information technology, managed services provider. The company is privately held with employees and locations in the US, India, and Singapore.

Whether it is onboarding a new service, embracing a new consumer device or rolling out a Business Innovation, Innova Solutions will empower your Enterprise to transition to new technologies, embrace new service delivery models and enhance the business value provided by IT.

Innova provides a full spectrum of services to plan, prep and execute a data center migration and the development of workloads that can be moved to… or in-between, cloud service providers.

Leveraging Innova Services, customers have realized costs savings of up to 40% with performance improvements of 30-40%, enhanced security and application performance guarantees in a distributed world that meet or exceed what is possible in a dedicated data center environment today.

What we do.

  • Deliver world-class Enterprise Cloud Transformation, Information Management and Operations Managed Services
  • Accelerate enterprise business transformation and innovation taking advantage of the latest Technology and Delivery models
  • Improve IT efficiency and lower operational risk
    • Spend less time managing enterprise IT environments
    • Spend more time increasing revenue opportunities
  • Deliver advanced technology solutions covering cloud security, scalability, elasticity, and availability across hybrid IT environments
  • Enable enterprises to adapt Big Data technologies and offer analytics services and solutions that provide actionable insights into business data
  • Leverage focused Technology Practices and Partnerships
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